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Amsoil Diesel Concentrate Performance Fuel Additive is Best for Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and Biodiesel Fuel


Diesel Concentrate Performance Fuel Additive (ADF)
Total system cleaner and lubricity improver for all types of diesel engines. Excellent for ultra low sulfur diesel and biodiesel fuel. Fact: lower levels of sulfur in the new EPA mandated diesel fuels decrease lubricity and the fuel's ability to control wear in the fuel injectors and fuel pump.

See Pricing Information or Place an Order

Package sizes include:

16-oz. Bottle
16-oz. Bottles (case of 12)
5-Gallon Pail
55-Gallon Drum


Product Description
AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate (ADF) provides maximum diesel operating efficiency. It compensates for the variances in quality of different fuels (including biodiesel) and the deficiencies of today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel (ULSD) for better engine operation. New engine technology, tighter tolerances and emission regulations require high-quality diesel fuel for long-term engine operability. AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate meets the low sulfur mandate. It improves diesel fuel quality to exceed today’s stringent performance requirements. AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate extends equipment life, lowers operating costs and improves diesel performance.

Improves Fuel Economy and Restores Horsepower
As diesel engines are used, they become less efficient over time. Fuel injector deposits interrupt spray patterns, causing poor fuel atomization, incomplete combustion, excessive emissions and smoke. Tests prove that AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate cleans dirty injectors, improving fuel economy by up to five percent and restoring horsepower to like new. Acceleration is improved and with regular use, AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate continues to enhance performance by keeping injectors clean. The net savings on fuel expense can result in no additional cost to vehicle operation.

Lubricates Fuel Pump and Injectors
Ultra low sulfur diesel fuel has significantly reduced lubricity – a critical property in controlling wear in fuel pumps and injectors. AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate adds back all the lubricity properties needed and more. Fuel pump and injector service life is extended, saving time and money on maintenance costs.

Reduces Cylinder Wear, Retains Engine Oil TBN Longer
With high rates of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) in modern diesel engines, acids from combustion are of particular concern. AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate neutralizes acids during combustion. It helps reduce acid caused cylinder wear and helps extend engine oil TBN, maintaining engine oil quality longer for better protection.

Minimizes Soot Loading
AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate is a powerful cleaner that cleans fuel injectors and piston rings for improved combustion and better sealing. It minimizes soot generated from incomplete combustion and helps keep soot out of the crankcase. Reduced soot loading controls soot related wear and engine oil viscosity increase.

Fuel Stabilizer
Fuel degradation can cause gums, which increase deposits and the chance of filter plugging. AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate significantly improves the oxidation and thermal stability of diesel fuel. It overcompensates for ultra low sulfur diesel fuel’s potential stability loss caused by extra processing and sulfur removal. Diesel fuel treated with AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate easily meets the requirements of the National Council of Weights and Measures (NCWM) Premium Diesel Fuel Specification for resisting diesel fuel degradation.

Improves Water Tolerance
AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate is an alcohol-free product that protects fuel systems against water contamination. It helps prevent fuel/water emulsions and it protects metal against rust. Water can be drained easier and fuel filters are less likely to plug, ensuring drivability.

Heating Oil Improver
AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate provides many of the same benefits in heating oil furnace applications. It provides fuel oil storage stability, water stability, rust protection, fuel oil filter longevity, and in certain applications, can keep fuel oil nozzles clean for proper spray in the combustion chamber. AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate promotes trouble-free operation. AMSOIL Cold Flow Improver is recommended where fuel oil is stored outside.

AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate is recommended for use with all types of heavy- and light-duty, on- or off-road and marine diesel engines. Recommended mix ratio is one oz. of additive per five gallons of fuel. Use with every new tank of fuel for the best performance and protection against fuel pump wear, injector wear and injector deposits. Compatible with all types of exhaust emission systems such as diesel particulate filters (DPFs). Add Diesel Concentrate to fuel before storage. Excellent for use with AMSOIL Cetane Boost and AMSOIL Cold Flow Improver. This diesel fuel additive complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road engines.




Product: AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate Additive

Product Area: Specialty Products

Created: 8/28/06

Published Date: 1/4/07

New low-emission engine models with high rates of exhaust gas recirculation have inherent lubricant challenges. These engines dump excessive amounts of soot and acids into an oil, accelerating wear on the cylinder walls. Additionally, new engine oils meeting CJ-4 requirements will have lower sulfated ash content, which controls TBN levels. The new mandate only allows enough sulfated ash content to reach a maximum TBN of eight, making TBN retention even more important. New AM SOIL Diesel Concentrate controls these issues by neutralizing acids during combustion. This minimizes acidic cylinder wear and reduces the rate of engine oil TBN depletion, maintaining engine oil quality longer for better protection.

1. Question:


Why did AMSOIL separate the cold flow properties from the Diesel Concentrate (ADF)?




Combining AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate with a Cold Flow Improver is not cost effective in the summer months, or to AMSOIL customers who live in the south. To keep costs down for customers, AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate no longer includes a cold flow improver. AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate has been reformulated with additional lubricity properties. The new AM SOIL Diesel Concentrate (ADF) is a total system cleaner and lubricity improver for all types of diesel engines.

2. Question:

AMSOIL Diesel Modifier has been discontinued; can the new AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate be used in its place?


Absolutely! No longer are there different fuel additives for heavy- and light-duty diesel engines, simplifying applications for customers. The new AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate meets and exceeds all the requirements for both applications

3. Question:

AMSOIL Home Heating Fuel has been discontinued; can the new Diesel Concentrate be used in its place?


Yes, AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate delivers fuel storage stability, rust protection, water separation, and its exceptional cleaning properties are expected to help keep fuel oil nozzles clean. AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate promotes trouble-free operation. AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow Improver should be recommended when fuel oil is stored outside.

4. Question:


 Does the new AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate meet the federal regulations for ultra low sulfur for diesel fuel?


Yes, and the packaging label states so as regulated by law.

5.  Question:


The old Diesel Concentrate worked well. Why did AMSOIL come out with a new Diesel Concentrate?



The federal government mandated the use of ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) by June 2006 for the year 2007. ULSD contains <15 parts per million (ppm) sulfur where the previous content was <500 ppm sulfur. Sulfur acts as a lubricity agent that helps protect pumps and injectors from wear. As the sulfur content is lowered, so is the lubricity of the fuel. As a result of lower sulfur content, refiners or fuel distribution depots have been forced to add back some lubricity with the use of additives. This additive is expensive and is only blended in the fuel at the lowest additive concentration (LAC). The fuel manufacturers have no incentive to add extra additive, which increases costs, so there is inherent risk of unnecessary wear on injectors and pumps. The new AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate Additive adds back all the lubricity and then some to properly protect diesel fuel components.

ULSD fuel has also shown to create more deposits within combustion chambers than previous diesel fuels. Deposits are detrimental to fuel economy, throttle response, and horsepower. AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate is a powerful detergent that cleans fuel system deposits and keeps the system clean with regular use. By cleaning deposits, AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate has shown to increase fuel mileage up to 5%. Consider that at $3.00 per gallon for diesel fuel, even a modest three percent improvement in fuel economy equals a savings of $0.09 per gallon. With a treat rate of one oz. of AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate to five gallons of fuel, at U.S. Retail price, the net treat cost of AMSOIL ADF is only $0.083 per gallon, bringing the total savings to $0.007 per gallon and negating the cost of AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate altogether.

AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate is an alcohol-free product that also protects fuel systems against water contamination. It helps prevent fuel/water emulsions and it protects metal against rust. Water can be drained easier and fuel filters are less likely to plug, ensuring drivability. In addition, fuel degradation can cause gums, which increase deposits and the chance of filter plugging. AM SOIL Diesel Concentrate significantly improves the oxidation and thermal stability of diesel fuel.

These are some key advantages of the new Diesel Concentrate among others identified on the data sheet (G-2236). Diesel equipment is expensive and owner/operators prefer to control the quality of the diesel fuel going into their engines rather than rely on the fuel producers. AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate provides outstanding performance in today’s ULSD fuel as well as the former 500 ppm version fuel and biodiesel.

6.  Question:


The claims state that the new Diesel Concentrate helps engine oil maintain TBN. How does it do this?




TBN depletion is the result of combustion acids. AM SOIL Diesel Concentrate is designed to neutralize acids during combustion to prevent the acids from attacking the TBN reserve in the engine oil. Additionally, acids from combustion cause acidic cylinder wear. By neutralizing acids during combustion, AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate helps control acidic cylinder wear.

These features are particularly important on exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) equipped engines (2002 and newer). By recirculating the exhaust back into the combustion chamber, more acids are introduced, wear increases, and TBN is rapidly depleted. For model year 2007 vehicles, the amount of EGR is being further increased compounding the problem.

7. Question:

The new AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate is packaged differently. What changes were made?




The new AM SOIL Diesel Concentrate now comes in a 16 oz. bottle with a 22 mm opening, making it easy to use in passenger diesel vehicles. The bottles are now natural in color and are stronger and more durable than the old bottles. Graduations have also been added for more effective measuring when dispensing. There is also a new mix ratio which is 1 oz. of additive to 5 gallons of fluid (one bottle treats 80 gallons of fuel).

8. Question:

What is diesel fuel?


Diesel fuel, like diesel engines, is changing to meet emission and other environmental requirements. Diesel fuel is a blend of petroleum-derived compounds called middle distillates (heavier than gasoline but lighter than lube oil), which may or may not contain additional additives. Other middle distillates include kerosene (Diesel #1) and No. 2 Heating Oil. Diesel fuel is designed to operate in a diesel engine where it is injected with compressed, high-temperature air into the combustion chamber and ignites by compression. This differs from gasoline, which is ignited in a gasoline engine by the spark plugs.


What specification requirements of diesel fuel should be of concern and why?



The specifications you should be concerned with are:

1.         Cetane number (ignition quality)

2.         Cleanliness

3.         Low-temperature operability

4.         Stability

The cetane number is a measure of the ease with which the fuel is ignited in an engine. AMSOIL recommends using AMSOIL Cetane Boost (ACB) when the desired result is an improvement in low-temperature startability, warm-up and smooth, even combustion. The cetane number of the fuel should meet the engine manufacturer's minimum recommendation for the type of service required. Most engine manufacturers recommend diesel fuels with a cetane number of at least 40. Diesel fuels sold by reputable marketers meet or exceed this requirement. High performance diesel engines operate best with cetane values of 50.

Cleanliness refers to the absence of water and particulate contamination. This characteristic is important because dirt and water can plug fuel filters and cause severe damage to fuel injection systems because of the close tolerances within fuel pumps and injectors. All diesel engine manufacturers equip their engines with fuel filters to protect the fuel delivery system. Fuel filters should be replaced according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Some manufacturers also provide filters with drain valves and recommend periodic draining of any water that may accumulate from condensation and careless handling in storage or vehicle tanks. AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate Fuel Additive (ADF) will extend the filter life significantly as it helps prevent the formation of gums, which plug filters.

Low-temperature operability is the ability of the fuel to flow and be pumped through diesel fuel system filters without plugging at low temperatures. Filter plugging due to the presence of wax crystals in the fuel can be estimated by measuring the cloud point temperature or other low temperature fluidity and filterability tests. AMSOIL Cold Flow Improver (DFF) will protect against gelling and also decrease the cold filter plug point (CFPP)

Stability is the term used to describe a fuel's resistance to the formation of gums and insoluble oxidation products. Fuels with poor oxidation stability contain insoluble particles that can plug fuel filters. This may lead to decreased engine performance or engine stalling from fuel starvation. AM SOIL Diesel Concentrate Fuel Additive (ADF) adds stability to diesel fuel.

AMSOIL recommends the use of AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate Fuel Additive (ADF) for improved specification requirements in diesel fuel.

10. Question:


Does the AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate Fuel Additive (ADF) improve an engine’s performance? Answer:

Yes. By cleaning injectors and keeping them clean, AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate helps to maintain the designed and like new performance of the engine. If injectors have become clogged enough to affect spray pattern, AMSOIL additives will clean the injectors to restore the original pattern, thus restoring performance to like-new levels. They do not raise performance above what the engine maker designed, but again, can save your customer money by ensuring the engine is working as properly.

11. Question:

Why is AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate Fuel Additive (ADF) needed?


Because diesel fuel quality varies greatly. Preventative maintenance of a diesel engine system will save money and time in the long run. Pumps and injectors are expensive to replace. Protect them! Diesel fuel is rising in cost. AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate helps maximize engine efficiency and saves money. AMSOIL ADF improves lubricity, reduces wear, and improves engine-operating efficiency. Your customer will be very happy when you can deliver these types of benefits.

12. Question:

Fuel suppliers blend diesel and kerosene for winter. Does this affect treat rates?


When using a kero blend, ADF should still be used because kero/#1 has very low lubricity, which AMSOIL additives will restore. Again, this will help ensure that the engine is working to the capacity for which it was designed. Plus of course, ADF provides additional features, including detergents, water demulsifies, anti-oxidant and rust inhibitors. AMSOIL recommends using both Diesel Concentrate Fuel Additive (ADF) and Cold Flow Improver (DDF)

13.  Question:

       Will using ADF void engine warranties?



AMSOIL is the undisputed leader in synthetics......

Since 1972, AMSOIL Synthetics have proven to be the BEST. AMSOIL also engineers and manufactures Super Duty Oil filters which have a 25,000 mile service life as well as specialized filtration systems for commercial and fleet applications in cars and light, medium and heavy trucks which can filter particles down to less than one micron (a standard full flow oil filter can only filter to 20-25 microns with any degree of efficiency) making oil changes virtually unnecessary and virtually eliminating engine wear. These filters have been proven by millions of miles of over-the road trucks, construction equipment and fleet service.

·         AMSOIL saves you time and money.

·         The only 25,000 mile/one- year and 35,000/one- year motor oil in the world.

·         Exceeds the most stringent performance specifications of all major U.S. and foreign automotive and truck manufacturers.

·         Provides up to two-times the wear protection of other motor oils.

·         Increases the life of your vehicle.

·         Improves performance, fuel economy and efficiency.

·         Diesel oil and filtration products designed to deliver 1,000,000 miles for over-the-road trucks before engine overhaul.

·         Used by many national racing teams, fleets, police departments, construction firms and trucking companies.

Enhanced Synthetic Oil is comprised of a group of highly skilled team of Engineers and Lubrication and Filtration Specialists. You too, can join our group when you become an AMSOIL Dealer and take advantage of all that we offer as you use products in your own vehicles or begin your own AMSOIL business. You won't find a more knowledgeable and skilled group of Dealers anywhere which is very important when you need support as you build your business.

In addition, as a Dealer in our group you will receive exclusive unlimited product, technical and business support from the only group of Truck and Automotive Engineers and Lubrication Specialists on the net.

We do not only run our business on the internet. We also have numerous commercial, industrial, trucking, excavating, construction, logging, police, racing and many more accounts that we support and service on a regular basis. We have several fully stocked warehouses and fully equipped shop facilities. This provides us with excellent knowledge of the products, equipment and the business and the ability to respond immediately to any of your needs.
We will use this knowledge and experience to help you get started so you too can achieve your goals.

We possess the skills, desire and knowledge to answer questions, solve problems, improve efficiency, reduce downtime, maintenance costs and increase the durability and life of all of your vehicles.

Read what our satisfied customers have to say about us. Read through our website. Contact us with any questions. If you decide to become an AMSOIL Dealer you will be joining, in our opinion, the most skilled AMSOIL group there is. We will help you get started and provide you with the tools and information in order to be successful in this business or with technical and product assistance to use AMSOIL products in your own vehicles. 

We offer several options to receive information on AMSOIL. We welcome the opportunity to work with you personally as your servicing AMSOIL Dealer.

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AMSOIL is Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

AMSOIL is America's Oil.

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