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Amsoil Snowmobile High Performance Oils

Snowmobile Racing Oil

Amsoil synthetic oil sponsored snowmobile circle track racer

400,000 Miles of Snowmobile Testing - No Power Valve Sticking, Ring Sticking, & No Engine Failure!

A Look at Snowmobile Exhaust Power Valves

Amsoil Snowmobile Racing & Sponsorship

2 Cycle Oil Chart

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Amsoil syntheic oil sponsored motocross racer

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Motorcycle Oil Dyno Tests

AMSOIL Quality Impresses Harley Riders

Amsoil motorcycle oil for v-twin motorcycles

AMSOIL Does not Void Harley Warranty

Why Harley Owners Choose AMSOIL Vs HD Oils

*NEW* EaO Synthetic Motorcycle Oil Filters Outperforms all other Cellulose and Synthetic Filters, Period

*NEW* EAA Synthetic Motorcycle Air Filters Surpasses all other Technology, Period

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Filter Guide

Amsoil Product Application Guide

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Amsoil Turbo Diesel Pickup Truck Information Section

Amsoil Synthetic Diesel Oil

Chevy Duramax Turbo Diesel

Ford Power Stroke 7.3 and 6.0 Turbo Diesels

Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel

Biodiesel Fuel and its effects on Engine Operation and Lubricant Service Life

*New* - Diesel Fuel Additive for Low Sulfur Fuel

Q/A - Why Change the Former AMSOIL Diesel Fuel Additive

EPA Has Mandated Changes for 2007 Diesel Engines

AMSOIL Diesel Oil for Model Year 2007 and Newer Heavy-Duty and Pickup Truck Diesel Engines

Has the price of fuel got you down?  We can help!  Click on the  following pages!

8.2% More MPG with AMSOIL Products

10 Ways to Help Reduce Our Dependency on Foreign Oil

Tips to Increase Fuel Economy

AMSOIL Lubricants Save You Money

AMSOIL Reduces Operating Cost and Improves Efficiency

Save Money at the Gas Pump


Amsoil Reduces Clark County Bus Operating Costs

How to Save Money on Fuel

Are You Concerned About the Environment? Please Read the Following

AMSOIL the Right Environmental Choice

Amsoil Preserving Our Environment

Antifreeze Non-Polluting

Synthetic Oils and the Environment

AMSOIL Pi Reduces Carbon Monoxide (CO) up to 26%

By-pass Filtration Systems Dramatically Extend Oil Drain Intervals

Oil Analysis

Earth Day Article

Carbon Footprint Environment

California to Bust 3,000 Mile Oil Myth

Environment Carbon Footprint

Amsoil Company Profile

ExxonMobil Follows AMSOIL Into Extended Drain Market

Synthetics: The Auto Industries Best Kept Secret

General Questions And Answers

Ten Myths About Synthetic Lubrication

AMSOIL, Inc. Product Chronology

Ford and Honda's 5W-20 Issue

North American Engine Oils May be Harmful to European Engines

Oil Color, Lubrication Ability and Contamination Level

Engine Oil Flushing Procedure

The History of Engine Oil Filtration

The Benefits of Amsoil

Piston Failure

Warranty Laws You Need to Know

AMSOIL Warranty Lubricants

AMSOIL Warranty Filters

Worried Over Warranties?

Comparative Motor Oil Test Results

Oil Testing Reference Guide

AMSOIL Outperforms Valvoline Gear Lube

New White Paper - "A Study of Automotive Gear Lubes

Anti Wear Additives 

AMSOIL-The Company of Firsts

Important Information: Converting to AMSOIL and Breaking in a New Engine

Easy Steps In Changing Automatic Transmission Fluid and Filters

Transmission Flushing Issues

Amsoil ATF Exceeds Ford Mercon V Oxidation Test

What to do when the Change Oil Light Comes On

40 Reasons for Oil Consumption

Oil Analysis

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WIX Racing Oil, Air, and Fuel Filters

Red Line Oil vs. AMSOIL Racing Oil Wear Scar ASTM Test Results

Royal Purple Oil vs. AMSOIL Racing Oils Wear Scar ASTM Test Results

AMSOIL Checkered & Green Flag Racing Updates

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AMSOIL™ Synthetic Oil and Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants offer Superior Wear Protection, Fuel Economy, Performance and Savings.

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Why Should You Choose AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Over Petroleum and Other Competitive Oil Brands? Answer - Because Amsoil Products Offer the Best Value, Best Protection, Reduces Environmental Impact, Reduces the Dependency of Foreign Oil, Saves You Time and Money, and is American Made.

  • AMSOIL synthetic motor oil provides extraordinary shear strength and offer enhanced additive constituents for superior wear protection. Engines will last longer and will extend engine oil drain intervals up to 25,000 miles or one year and up to 50,000 miles in diesel applications, guaranteed.


  • Amsoil greatly reduces our dependency on foreign oil. Made in America!

  • AMSOIL synthetic motor oil improves fuel economy. Most users see a 5% gain in miles per gallon or more.


  • Amsoil is the only synthetic oil manufacturer that will not lower the quality of their oil to increase profits. Amsoil is the best.

  • Dyno tested Amsoil synthetic oil provides increased horsepower and engine torque on or off the race track.

  • By reducing engine friction, Amzoil synthetic motor oil lowers overall running temperatures.

  • Amsoil synthetic oil high detergent levels reduce engine deposits and provide for greater engine performance along with increasing turbo charger life.

  • Amsoil has lower evaporation losses (volatility) in high temperature service. Lower volatility reduces oil consumption and emissions while providing for enhanced fuel efficiency. 

  • Amsoil reduces the impact on our environment. Using our synthetic lubricants will lower the amount of waste products which can reduce the source of motor oil pollution more than 11 times.

  • Amsoil the first company to manufacture an API Certified 100% synthetic motor oil in 1972.

  • Amsoil saves you time - fewer oil changes per year.

  • Due to low temperature pour points and cold weather pumpability, AMZOIL synthetic oil makes cold winter starts much easier.

  • Amsoil synthetic oil resists oxidation and breakdown and reduces varnish and sludge which keeps valves and rings from sticking. Our synthetic oils maintain engines top performance.

  • Amsoil extends equipment life - bearings, seals, gears, starters, and batteries.

  • Amsoil synthetic oil and filter products save you money.


  • Amsoil guarantees their synthetic oil, synthetic lubricants, and filtration products.

  • Only Amsoil offers a 25% discount on lubricants and filtration product purchases.

  Join us as an Amsoil Dealer or Preferred Customer and save 25% on all your lubrication and filtration purchases.


"Changing Your Oil Less Often is a Good Thing." We can help!

Amsoil Sponsored Dodge Viper Road Race Car -SCCA  ITE Record Holder       Amsoil Sponsored Dodge Viper Road Race Car -SCCA  ITE Record Holder - Race Track Qualifying Session





Photo: Kent Whiteman is a Nationwide Amsoil Platinum Dealer and is shown with his ITE SCCA Road Racing Amsoil Sponsored Dodge Viper race car.








Amsoil Synthetic Motor Oil has been proven the best for nearly 40 years and will dramatically improve your vehicles performance, fuel economy, and life!


AMSOIL synthetic motor oil does not break down, shear or loose viscosity under heat and stress. Petroleum motor oil breaks down under heat and stress and leaves carbon, varnish and sludge deposits in your engine and allows your critical engine components to wear much more rapidly. It's no wonder you have to change it every 3000 miles and your local quick lube or dealership service center can't wait to see you again to charge you more of your hard earned money! AMSOIL is specially engineered to last longer in service and perform better than any product on the market. AMSOIL’s published tests and nearly 40 years of satisfied customers prove it.


See how your oil compares to Amsoil. Review the facts.


We are a fulltime Authorized Amsoil Dealer offering Amsoil Synthetic lubricants and filtration products at wholesale prices to registered accounts in the U.S. and Canada. On our Certified Amsoil Synthetic Oil Website you will learn the many benefits of using our synthetic motor oil and filters. This site contains Amsoil product descriptions, technical information, comparative test results, and latest information on how to purchase products at Amsoil discount pricesWe are the Largest Amsoil Dealer Group in the U.S. and Utah's largest stocking Amsoil Distributor. I look forward to assisting you with your Amsoil synthetic oil and filtration applications.


Amsoil News Release, - Amsoil Dealer Kent Whiteman of Morgan, Utah has been awarded the Amsoil Regency Platinum level of achievement. Amsoil, Inc. recognizes this achievement as virtually peerless. The few who reach this level have mastered their businesses beyond all others. AMSOIL reveres these Dealers as the cornerstone of the Company. Amsoil, Inc. News Release

Amsoil News Release, - Amsoil Platinum Direct Jobber Kent Whiteman of Morgan, Utah has been awarded 3rd in the Total Amsoil Organization for the 2012 business year regarding New Qualified Amsoil Accounts. Amsoil, Inc. News Release  

   Fabricating road race cars, racing sports cars, and professional race car driving instructing and coaching are my passions." Kent Whiteman, Amsoil Dealer Utah Location: Miller Motorsports Park - Tooele, Utah

Amsoil Synthetic Oil and Filter Dealer Kent Whiteman with Amsoil Sponsored Dodge Viper at Miller Motorsports Park, Utah

I use AMSOIL Synthetic Signature Series 0W-30 Racing Engine Oil and 75w-90 Severe Gear Lube in my Amsoil Sponsored American Club Racer, Dodge Viper. 


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Enhanced Synthetic Oil is an Authorized Amsoil Dealer Website.

This Amsoil Authorized Website is brought to you by Kent Whiteman a full time Authorized Amsoil Regency Platinum Dealer. Our website is packed with useful information that you need to know in order to make an informed decision regarding your lubrication and filtration requirements. We are the most experienced and also the largest Amsoil Dealer Group in the US and Canada.

We offer FREE Amsoil comprehensive product and technical information along with offering wholesale pricing on Dealership and
Preferred Customer discount 25%
programs. We specialize in Amsoil Dealer Business Development Training, Internet Marketing, Business Promotion, and Sales Programs. We are available to personally talk with you in detail regarding your lubrication and vehicle questions. In addition, we will assist you in choosing the best Amsoil wholesale or retail purchasing option that meets your individual situation.   

If you are interested in using Amsoil products, I will personally assist you with the correct product selection for your application. If you are serious about starting an Amsoil Dealership, I will provide you with the necessary technical support and Business Development assistance to help you make your Amsoil Dealership a success. I believe you will not find a more complete Amsoil Dealer support package anywhere. 


Kent Whiteman,

Amsoil Regency Platinum Direct Dealer

2007 - Awarded Top Eight - Amsoil Dealer of the Year - 8th New Qualified Accounts

2008 - Awarded Top Four - Amsoil Dealer of the Year - 4th New Qualified Accounts

2009 - Awarded Top Three - Amsoil Dealer of the Year - 3rd New Qualified Accounts

2010 - Awarded Top Two - Amsoil Dealer of the Year - 2nd New Qualified Accounts

2011 - Awarded Top Two - Amsoil Dealer of the Year - 2nd New Qualified Accounts

2012 - Awarded Top Three - Amsoil Dealer of the Year - 3rd New Qualified Accounts

We live the Amsoil business every single day and have the most current up-to-date technical information available anywhere. Give us a try and see for yourself.

We know exactly why the various vehicle and equipment manufacturers don't want you to know about synthetic oil. Also, we can show you how you can increase the performance and life of your vehicles and equipment and save you money. We can answer any of your lubrication and filtration related questions with an accurate and specific answers.

We have numerous commercial, auto and truck repair shops, industrial, trucking, excavating, construction, logging, police, racing and many more accounts that we support and service on a regular basis. This provides us with excellent knowledge of the Amsoil lubrication and filtration product line, equipment application type, and the requirements of our customers. We will use this knowledge and experience to help you get started so you too can achieve your goals. We will support you every step of the way.


AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil & Filter Products are Proven Best!

AMSOIL is "The First in Synthetics" and also the first in quality, protection and performance. Every other oil company in the world was given the chance to object when AMSOIL applied for trademark rights to "The First in Synthetics", yet after 90 days of waiting, not a single one objected!  The truth is Amsoil synthetic oil outperforms Mobil 1 and we have the proof to back up my statement.


"Attention Motorsports Racers, Race Engine Builders, and Racing Fans"

Amsoil is now offering a dedicated line of Dominator Racing Oils.


AMSOIL Dominator® Synthetic Racing Oils provide superior performance and maximum protection in high-performance and racing applications.

Click on the following links and see how Amsoil Dominator Synthetic Racing Oils compare to other racing oils.  Such as - Redline, Valvoline, Joe Gibbs, Royal Purple, Lucas, Torco, and Brad Penn oils.

Dominator 15w-50 Synthetic Racing Oil
Dominator 10w-30 Synthetic Racing Oil
Dominator 5w-20 Synthetic Racing Oil
RD30 4-Ball Wear Test      Amsoil Dominator RD20 4-Ball Wear Chart
 New Racing is Research Video

Posted: April 30, 2013 - Announcement

This short new video features AMSOIL Technical Powersports Product Manager Len Groom and AMSOIL TORC drivers Scott Douglas, Chad Hord and Brad Lovell. Groom and the AMSOIL Super Team discuss how AMSOIL oil analysis has helped TORC drivers protect their trucks in the brutal environment of short-track off-road racing.


The "3000 Mile Motor Oil Change Myth"


The "3000 mile oil change" is nothing but a myth and a money generating plan which has been proven to allow increased component wear rates when compared to a premium quality synthetic motor oil like AMSOIL. Click our link to read about The Auto Industry's Best Kept Secret. Read this eye-opening information and learn what they don't want you to know. 

Fact - Using Amsoil Synthetic Motor Oil and Filters provides for a Cleaner Environment!

Amsoil synthetic oil extended drain intervals prevent the disposal of additional waste oil. A fleet of 60 vehicles using conventional oil and conventional oil change intervals produces 1,080 gallons of waste oil every year. By switching to Amsoil synthetic motor oil, that same fleet would produce only 360 gallons of waste oil per year. Less waste means a cleaner environment and lower waste disposal costs.

Amsoil synthetic oil filters help save the environment from being exposed to higher levels of pollution from engine combustion and waste oil. More efficient combustion decreases exhaust emissions and reduces fuel consumption. Using Amsoil motor oil and oil filters means less waste materials to be disposed of to contaminate the environment. 


What's New - Amsoil

Amsoil Factory Retail Catalog Download Now

G85 - AMSOIL Dealer Income Opportunities Brochure  Review Your Key to Financial Success with 6 Profitable Income Producing Programs.

Fact - Amsoil PI gas additive improves fuel mileage an average of 2.3% and up to 5.7% and reduces emissions.

New - Online Amsoil Product Lookup Guides - Instant Recommendations

Amsoil and the API Licensing of Motor Oil Compromise


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AMSOIL is Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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Amsoil Synthetic Oil - Performance and Protection a Winning Combination

Using Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants Increases Fuel Economy 6.54% in Diesel Trucking Applications

AMSOIL Dominator® Coolant Boost

AMSOIL Dominator® Coolant Boost (RDCB)

Redline Water Wetter vs Amsoil Collant Boost Test Results for Coolant Temperature Reduction

AMSOIL Dominator® Coolant Boost (RDCB) provides racers and motorists with significantly lower engine operating temperatures and advanced corrosion protection.

Amsoil Synthetic Oil - Performance and Protection a Winning Combination

Amsoil Signature Series 100% Synthetic Oil

AMSOIL Expands Signature Series Line

Signature Series SAE 0W-20 100% Synthetic Oil Product Code: ASM

Signature Series SAE 5W-20 100% Synthetic Oil Product Code: ALM

Signature Series SAE 5W-30 100% Synthetic Oil Product Code: ASL

Signature Series SAE 0W-30 100% Synthetic Oil Product Code: AZO

Signature Series SAE 10W-30 100% Synthetic Oil Product Code:ATM

In addition to being reformulated to meet the latest API SN Resource Conserving and ILSAC GF-5 industry specifications, the new Signature Series line features all-new packaging and represents the very best motor oils AMSOIL has to offer, allowing motorists to take advantage of maximum extended drain intervals. In the interest of consistency and clarity within the Signature Series line, all four motor oils are recommended for drain intervals of up to 25,000 miles/one year, whichever comes first (15,000 miles/one year in severe service conditions).

Amsoil Racing Site

AMSOIL INC., the First in Synthetics, has launched a new website dedicated to its commitment to various forms of motorsports and event marketing.

New - Motorcycle Comprehensive Products Lookup Guide

New - Amsoil Motorcycle Oil Has It Covered

A Study of Motorcycle Oils - 32 Motorcycle Oils Tested - Comparisons and Results

New Motorcycle Brochure


Amsoil PowerSports Portal: We Put the Power In PowerSports

New - Enhanced Synthetic Oil - Current Amsoil Racing Updates 

 Winter avalanche questions and answers for snowmobile and back country

This is a must read article for snowmobile and anyone who enters the winter back country!

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